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HP Wired Keyboard, Black - HP
HP Wired Keyboard, Black
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Pole Type Mount With Adapter ZT1110360 - Ziotek
Pole Type Mount With Adapter ZT1110360
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Aluminum Mobile Computing Workstation Cart ZT1110375 - Ziotek
Aluminum Mobile Computing Workstation Cart ZT1110375
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3ft. USB 2.0 Type A Male To Mini-USB (5-Pin) Male USB Cable ZT1311019 - Ziotek
3ft. USB 2.0 Type A Male To Mini-USB (5-Pin) Male USB Cable ZT1311019
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We have been online since 2008 and will ensure your complete satisfaction. We have a 30 day return policy and will be happy to answer all of your questions by phone or email prior to ordering. carries universal cables, adapters and accessories for your PC, Mac or notebook computer. From power cords to USB extension cables, we have the part you're looking for. Shop our extensive selection of splitters, monitor mounts, network cables, VGA extension cords and recordable media. We stock your Cat5e/Cat6 cable, Ziotek Power Liberator, Flexicord, KVM, under desk computer mount or Ziotek media carousel that you need to get the job done for less. We offer free ground shipping on orders over $199. PLUS Same-day shipping.

Networking Projects are easy with our selection of Cat5e and Cat6 network cables. Choose from a variaty of jacket colors and patch cable lengths. We also have bulk RJ45 cable rolls, network switches, wall plates, connection crimpers and network testers. Extend beyond cables with WiFi wireless network adapters, routers and access points.

Media Center Projects include installing a new HDTV or a complete audio system in a church or school. You will find a large selection of stereo audio and high quality video cables. HDMI, S-Video or DVI to connect your computer to a projector or flat panel monitor.

Hard to Find Adapters are here! Do you need to connect your VGA monitor to your new computer which only has a DVI output, no problem. We have Mac display port adapters and HDMI-to-DVI (digital video) adapters to connect your PC to your HDTV. You can split a single network drop into two with a network pair splitter. These are more common adapters but we also carry a ton of other miscelaneous adapters you need to complete your cabling task.

Extension Cables are handy if your computer desk stretches your monitor cable beyond it's limit. Go from short to long in seconds by plugging in a new DVI, VGA, HDMI or power cable. Is your power outlet behind your desk? Try a Ziotek Power Liberator power cable - it has a flat plug allowing the desk to almost touch the wall.

Staying Organized is a snap with cable organizers. There is velcro, hooks and flexicord to tie up your cable mess. Ziotek Power Liberators can allow you to use less power cables to power the same amount of devices. If you have cables running across the ground, you can use a Safcord floor cord protector. We also have cable management systems, zip ties and wire label flags. If you have multiple computers, a KVM switch can allow you to access each workstation from a single keybord, mouse and monitor.

Workstation Carts and computer holders will keep your computer safe and easy to access. The Ziotek aluminum workstation cart has casters which allows you to roll an entire computer system around a room or building. PC rollers, holders and under-desk mounts can get your computer tower off the ground. We also have LCD wall mounts and entire computer wall mounted track systems.

What are customers are saying...

"I just wanted to thank Universal Part for their quick and efficient delivery process of my first electronic purchase. I'm so happy with my Ziotek, power strip liberator cable, that I felt the need to say thank you! I had no idea had such a wide variety of universal cables, adapters and accessories for my Pc/ Mac I'll be sure to order from this electronic website for all my future electronic purchases. From power cords to USB extension cables, they have everything one would need for their electronic fix at such a reasonable price!"

"I came across this electronic website through google search and found that Universal Part had the most reasonable prices for this particular power strip liberator cable. I had been searching for awhile and was a little confused on what type of cable connector I needed for my brand new fountain which had two plugs for my one outlet source. Once I located my Ziotek, power strip liberator, through a very well organized menu displayed on Universal part's main page I placed my order and received my package in a neatly sealed box with all the packing bells and whistles! My order process was fast and user friendly and I received my Ziotek, power strip liberator within 7-10 business days as promised. I'll definitely recommend this electronic company to all my friends looking for a vast variety of universal cables, adapters, Pc/Mac parts, splitters, monitor mounts, network cables, VGA extension cords, and the list goes on and on. Oh wait, Universal Part also carries Cat5e/Cat6 cable, Flexicord, KVM, under desk computer mounts or Ziotek media carousels for a very reasonable price. Thanks again, Universal Part! "

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